Impind's vision is to enable exchange of services, ideas, passion and products between the people around the world. Our mission is to connect those with a need to those who can fulfill it.

What we do

Our products revolve around serving families. Our job is to help you build better, stronger and happier families. We connect you with those that can serve your families needs - whether that be help at home, at school, at work or at play.

We partner with parents, service providers, care-takers, teachers, coaches and anyone involved in the process.

Our vision is to enable the exchange needed for the world to be a better place for YOU, one community at a time.

How do we do it

We believe in the power of the community. Our aim is to connect those with a need with others who can fulfill it. The word 'I M PIND' comes from 2 concepts that are central to the vision and fabric that binds our team...

It's My Pind.

The word 'pind' means village in Northern India. The idea dates back to how we as humans have developed society from living in herds to the early days of barter and exchange of services, products & expertise.

I AM Pinned.

The idea is to look into your community for the right expertise, help and advise when you are 'pinned down' and in need of something. There is always someone who has been down that road before, its a matter of getting to know them.

Our Values

  1. Put the 'end-user first' - Focus on making the customer successful, everything else falls in place.
  2. Lead with Passion & ownership - Leaders take ownership. Others follow.
  3. Take action - Keep moving. You don't get anywhere unless you move. Inaction is unacceptable.
  4. Innovate through experiments - We learn and grow with experiments. We're not always right. We need to be quick to know when we're not.
  5. Simplify - Always remember Less is MORE.
  6. Respect ability - Experience is not necessary.
  7. Seek knowledge - Together our knowledge is more pervasive than any of us alone.
  8. Enable connection - Be the glue that makes the connection.