What is Impind?

A mobile technology platform that provides an instant match for consumers who are 'looking to get something done', with relevant providers who can 'get it done'

When you sign up on impind.in, you can get instant access to local providers that can help with what you need done.

What is unique about Impind?

Impind is a technology platform which makes a match between your 'demand' and the locally available 'supply'.

We screen service providers, hold them accountable to quality work, stringent quality and background verification standards. There is no cost to join Impind - neither for Service providers nor for consumers.

Each service provider on Impind has a reputation to build and protect. Better ratings mean better work opportunities. Only registered users can rate service providers.

Are Impind providers safe?

For each provider we sign up on Impind.in, we perform an extensive background check & other verifications. We also encourage them to share their licenses, certifications and insurance information. Only providers who pass our strict security verification process are allowed to perform services on Impind.

When requesting service, you get to pick the provider to serve your needs You can select them based on who you would like to have work on your home and can review their profile to check their skills and ratings.

Where is Impind available?

Currently Impind is available in a growing number of neighborhoods in Hyderabad, Telengana. We plan on serving local communities with excellence before expanding. We will be in other cities as part of our immediate growth plan. Write to us at hello@impind.in if you have any questions or would like us to come to your city.

How do I pay for the services?

Presently, you can pay for the services in cash.

Why do I need to put my credit card?

We require that a credit card be on file before a service provider is scheduled for a job. We authorize a small charge on your credit card to verify information. This also ensures that our consumers & service providers have a smooth billing and payment experience. This is a key part of developing a trust relationship between the consumer & provider. The consumer is assured good service at a pre-determined price and the service provider gets timely payment. Once a job has been completed, the consumer and provider do have the option to transact in cash. Alternatively, the credit card on file can be used to simplify and speed up the transaction.

How do I order service?

Ordering service is easy. Open the Impind mobile app or goto www.impind.in Search for the type of service you are looking for, indicate where you need the service and when you need it. Impind starts to find a match for you. As soon as a provider is found, we show you their profile. You select the provider and get confirmation. Next you are directly communicating with the provider to finalize logistics. Once the provider delivers the job, you pay through Impind and then rate their performance.

How are providers rated?

Providers list their strengths on their profile page. After each transaction, consumers get to rate the provider based on their experience. The provider can get a thumbs up or thumbs down rating for each of their listed 'skills & attributes'. In addition, consumers can add additional attributes to the provider's profile.

Our Pind-o-meter rating system aggregates all reviews for the provider into an aggregated rating number. Please be sure to rate providers anytime you use them as it helps good service providers gain recognition for their work and your fellow consumers to hire the right talent.

What does it cost me to join Impind?

There is no cost to join Impind. Its a great platform for you to showcase your work and build an online & offline reputation for yourself.

Reach your target audience

Impind offers you a platform to list services you can provide. Clients can find you on Impind and give you business based on your skill match and ratings. You don't need to spend time posting for jobs on classified listings instead focus on delivering quality work, building your reputation, investing in your skills development and enjoying a better quality of life.

Highlight your credentials

Each provider gets a dedicated profile page on Impind. Your profile page shows your skills and reputation as a service provider. Users check your reputation, quality of service and what others say about you when hiring you. Put your best foot forward!

Showcase your work

You can also showcase your work on your profile page. Show off with links to pictures and albums of your work.

Get business on your merit. Establish & build your reputation

Your profile page carries feedback, reviews and ratings you have received from consumers for work you have done. Quality work means great reviews which in turn means more work coming your way!

You can now build and establish a reputation as a professional.

Get recognized for your talent/service

Anytime you do good work, you now have a single place to ask your clients to come in and give you a big thumbs-up for your work. Your rating gets significantly enhanced each time you get a thumbs-up from a consumer. A strong reputation sets you apart from your competition.

Showcase your skills, certificates, licenses

You can list your relevant skills, certifications or licenses on your profile page for services that you offer. Clients also add attributes to your profile based on their experience in working with you.

Get referrals from clients

Clients can refer you to other friends. This is a great way to win new businesses. The referral process is very easy and rewarding for consumers and providers. Your profile page is always there as a testament to the workmanship & quality you deliver

It costs nothing to join

Joining Impind is free! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The Impind platform gives you a way to differentiate yourself from others in the business. You can gain recognition and new customers simply by the excellence of your delivery.